Torticollis and Breastfeeding

Dr. Glassman was referred to me by my lactation consultant. Logan and I were having trouble nursing and my lactation consultant mentioned that with a few minor adjustments, Logan and I should be able to breast feed with no issues. So I made an appointment and brought my 10 day old baby to a chiropractor. I was completely skeptical because I had been to chiropractors before and in my mind there was no way the same could be done on a baby as is done to an adult – so what help could a chiropractor really provide to Logan. Dr. Glassman said to give him two weeks (3 sessions per week) and then we would be able to go from there. Many family and friends laughed at me and this added to my already shaky decision to take Logan to see a chiropractor. I was skeptical after the first, second, third, fourth (I cancelled this appt), fifth and finally at the sixth I was ready to tell Dr. Glassman that we were going to give up and that I would just pump milk for as long as I could without nursing Logan, just so he would be able to get the nutrients he needed. After that last session, Logan decided to latch on for 20 full minutes; the most he had ever done in his short 1 month of life. I decided that it was a complete fluke until he did it again at the next feeding and then the next day and through the next week. Since then, Logan and I have been happily nursing regularly with little to no intervention from Dr. Glassman.
Dr. Glassman never judged me and always made me feel comfortable in his office. There were days where I felt like an awful mother because I couldn’t provide milk to my baby the way “nature” intended and he always put things into perspective for me. Now my husband and I get adjusted by Dr. Glassman even though Logan no longer requires regular adjustments but we will continue to see him for as long as he will have us.