Pregnancy and Chiropractic

I thankfully found DREAM Wellness, in particular Dr. Glassman, when I was about 33 weeks pregnant.  I began suffering from awful lower back pain that although is common for some women during pregnancy, was completely debilitating for me.  I was confined to my home for over a week because I could not walk or move, when a friend of mine that had recently had a baby suggested I see her chiropractor that she too saw during pregnancy.
I asked my OB if it was safe to see a chiropractor and she assured me that it was.  At my first appointment Dr. Glassman scanned me and took a medical history from me.  He made me feel comfortable right away and assured me that he would be able to help me and relieve some of my pain over time.  After the first few adjustments I felt a lot of relief and after about 2 weeks of consistent adjustments I had my life back.

Thanks to Dr. Glassman I have been able to enjoy these last few weeks of my pregnancy.  I am completely mobile and in much better spirits.  I highly recommend his chiropractic care to pregnant women who are suffering from back pain.  It really does help.

Jarah W