Plagiocephaly and Torticollis

I didn’t know a pediatric chiropractor even existed until my twins were born 7 months ago and my daughter had torticollis and my son began developing a flat spot (plagiocephaly). My mother in law commented on how cute it was that my daughter’s head was always turned to one side in EVERY picture we had taken. That got me thinking and I remembered hearing Dr. Adam Glassman speak during one of my baby basics classes. I can’t say enough good things about him and what he did for our family, particularly our son.

We began seeing Dr. Glassman at around 2 months old and were immediately impressed with his bedside manner and how he dealt with the babies. He was very gentle and soothing with them and as a new mother, immediately answered my million questions and demonstrated on me exactly what he would be doing to the babies and how much pressure he would be using, etc.. That was very reassuring to me because I was completely unfamiliar with how a chiropractor worked on a newborn. In any event, he explained torticollis and plagiocephaly in layman’s terms so that my husband and I understood the cause of the problem, the prognosis and our course of action.

After 1 adjustment, we noticed that my daughter had much more mobility in her neck. She slept on a different side that night for the first time in her life. My daughter’s torticollis was completely gone within a month and she actually loved being adjusted. We called it her weekly “massage.”

My son’s flat spot was a big concern because the difference in the right and left side was nearly 2 inches when we started. We didn’t want to go the route of the helmet and wanted to exhaust this possibility first. Within about 6 weeks, the disparity had narrowed to about an inch difference. Today it is not noticeable and the difference is less than half an inch.

At our first visit Dr. Glassman said he wouldn’t even touch them if we wanted to go home and think about it and make a decision about treatment. He has been completely honest with me every step of the way, even saying that in his opinion our course of treatment is nearing its conclusion because he has done all he can at this point for my son.

I don’t know how old your child is, but I know how fragile they are and the thought of someone working on their little skulls or spines was scary to me initially. However, I now know that it is a totally safe experience and the office always has newborns in it. Speaking of which, the receptionist is lovely and we never have to wait because he is very punctual.