Neurological Problems and Chiropractic

Neurological Problems and Chiropractic

I first came to Dr. Glassman after being hospitalized with stroke-like symptoms. I had numbness on the right side of the face, in the right hand and foot, terrible headaches and a pain on the right side in the back of the neck. In addition, I had tingling in the arms and legs, that was spreading everywhere and a terrible dizziness that left me unable to walk very much. I went through all sorts of tests and the neurologists could find nothing, no stroke, no MS, no brain tumor, nothing to explain my symptoms. As a result, the doctors released me with no options, no recommendations, no alternatives. I felt frightened and alone. I decided to seek chiropractic help since my problems seemed neurological and chiropractors specialize in healing subluxations in the nervous system and spinal areas. Dr. Glassman has been very compassionate and caring. He is available whenever you have a health problem or concern and has worked diligently towards finding a solution to my problems.

He has constantly been there to reassure me that I will get well, and his reassurance is greatly appreciated. After much work, my headaches are much better, the pain in the back of my neck is  a lot  better, the numbness is getting better and I’m able to walk a lot more that before. The office itself has a very relaxing atmosphere and everything is explained to your satisfaction.

Dr. Glassman has been a pleasure to deal with, and a very confident, reassuring and attentive presence.

Thank you,