FAQ’s about Children and Chiropractic

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some very common questions that Dr. Glassman is asked on a regular basis regarding Chiropractic and children.

Is it safe?  Have you received special pediatric training?
Yes, Chiropractic is safe for babies and children of all ages.  There are special methods for analyzing and adjusting a child’s spine.  Dr. Glassman is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the Holistic Pediatric Association and has received advanced special training in pediatrics and stays up to date on current research.

How old should my child be for its first adjustment?
We recommend children be checked as early as possible to guarantee that there is no interference to their nerve system from the birth process.  In an infant, subluxations often do not immediately cause obvious symptoms.  However, colic, difficulty latching on, or difficulty nursing, are common signs of more severe nerve pressure.

Can chiropractic help with ADHD, asthma, and other childhood illness and disorders?
Absolutely.  A child should have their spine checked to ensure that their nerve system is working optimally.  The nerve system is involved in coordinating all of the functions that happen inside their body and is the portal to experience the world.  Many children initially present in the office with some type of health crisis (chronic ear infections, development delays, hyperactivity, colic, asthma, or allergies).  Adjusting the spine, removing pressure from the nerve system, allows their body to function optimally, and will often correct these conditions.

What about Chiropractic for otitis media (ear infections)?
As a Chiropractor I do not treat any infection, however, parents frequently call the office out of desperation when their pediatrician tells them that their child needs ear tubes.  Otitis media is often caused by subluxations (nerve interference).  Adjusting the spinal bones removes this interference allowing proper function of the body.  This will often cause a decrease or elimination of the symptoms.  Regular adjustments can prevent the reoccurrence of ear problems.

If my child is not sick, why does she/he need to be adjusted?
As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Many children start regular chiropractic care when they are asymptomatic.  These parents understand that regular checks of the spine and adjustments, when needed, can help maintain a child’s well-being.  The nerve system not only controls all body functions but it is also responsible for how we experience the world.  The nerve system allows us to touch, see, taste, smell, and hear.  An optimally functioning nerve system allows a child to achieve their greatest potential in life and in health.