Babies and Chiropractic

Babies and Chiropractic

Since my son Benjamin was born, he was a very big spitter upper. Everyone told me, once he starts sitting up, the spitting up will disappear. When Benjamin turned 6 months old, he started sitting up and actually the spitting up became worse.  Due to the spitting up, Benjamin didn’t get a lot of “tummy time” because he would scream when on his belly. (I believe due to the reflux). Due to the lack of “tummy time” Benjamin still hadn’t rolled over.

I decided to have my son seen by a pediatric chiropractor and I found Dr. Glassman. Dr. Glassman requested that both my husband and I meet with him for the initial visit/evaluation. He was very thorough when explaining what chiropractic care really means for an infant and what he could do to help our son. We also discussed Benjamin’s feeding schedule and Dr. Glassman gave suggestions on how to modify his meals.

I started taking Benjamin for adjustments 3X /week. Dr. Glassman was very gentle with Benjamin every time we were there.  The office was very accommodating when I was early/late for my appointment due to the baby’s “schedule”.

After 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Glassman, Benjamin rolled over! I could definitely see an improvement in my son’s strength.  The reflux gradually disappeared with the help of the weekly adjustments, the change in Benjamin’s meal schedule and the exercises Dr. Glassman showed me to do at home with my son.

Some of my family members were skeptical at first about my son seeing a chiropractor at such a young age but now this has only proven to them that chiropractic care can definitely help.

All in all, my experience at Dream Wellness has only been a positive one and I would definitely recommend Dr. Glassman to others with similar problems.

Thank you,

Jamie G.